DOZARI nightclub Minsk , Belarussia


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So i made my way to Minsk on some business , for a 24hrs trip (2-3 march 2013). And since i came on saturday morning , i was planning to check out the nightscene in Belarussia . After some friends giving me tips and advices and consulting the internet , I found that the Best club in Minsk is DOZARI ( . So to make matters work to my advantage i ve called there and ordered a table in advance .

I made my way to this place around 23.30 . It was located 10 min walk away from my hotel so that was very convenient  . I entered through the front door , which looked like an entrance to the bowling alley or something . As you go in through , you ll get into a courtyard of some sort .
61.jpg With a small car park , which wasnt that impressive , just couple BMW X6 , no bentleys or rolls , like you would see in MOscow . But nonetheless , it was a nice setting . Maybe they do parties out in the courtyard on the summer , that would be really cool !

81.jpgWe payed around 500.000 by rubles to get our table … A cute girl walked us up two stories to our table . The club right off seemed nice . And just beginning to fill up !!! We sat down and started ordering drinks …We picked up a bottle of Almeca tequila for 840.000 by rubles , and other drinks …The prices were very good for the most popular nightclub ….So we started looking around and having our drinks . After an hour or so , the club was full enough to start shaking on the dance floor . The dj was playing various dance music , from house to 90th disco classics . Overall the music was really enjoyable . The go gos came out , and occupied every guys attention . They were then replaces by male dancers as well . I ve noticed that people didnt drink as much as they would in Moscow clubs , they stuck to one or two cocktails through out the night . Not many guys going for the shots , very few on the beer options . We had the VIP table , so at one point , i ve noticed that we were more or less deserted , so i ve asked the waitress whats the deal …well , the deal was that if i wanted to bring anybody up to my table i had to pay extra for that . And that really sucked , i must say , it was around 500.000 per head , so obviously if you would invite 4 girls , that would set you back 2 mill . and that s without drinks and food … Not a good option . So we closed our tab on the table and went down to the dance floor …

9.jpgAfter that i dont remember that well , what happened…..

12.jpg Well , my opinion about the club is that it was really nice , the girls are overall very good looking , cute and nice …drinks are good , well priced ….entrance fee is stupid , DONT GET THE VIP table if you come to meet somebody …. BUT IF YOU ARE IN MINSK MAKE SURE TO VISIT THIS PLACE !!! its nice …

Адрес: пр-т Независимости, 58
velcom: 8029-345-22-33, 8029-305-22-338017-290-05-60


Cafe Opera Stockholm (Wednesday nights)


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Wed 21 nov 2012

I decided to check out Stockholms “finest nightclub” , ( note ! considered by some clubheads ) on a wednesday night . And in the city of only 850.000 people , one doesnt have high expectations and hopes for a wild and crazy night . But nonetheless , I knew that I had to entertain myself somehow . I started with some cocktails , wine and hennessy at the nearby hotel bar , Anglais . And since I m on the clubs mail list , I knew that working hours this wednesday are 11pm to 3 am . So that leaves only 4 hrs of clubbing , which is not alot really , but I guess for some , more than enough  ! I made my way to the entrance at around 15 past 11 pm . The doorman asked if i was on the guest list , which i was . That saved me 200 swedish kronor , that they usually charge at the door . After walking in past the front door , i made my way upstairs to the wardrobe , where i was charged 40 swedish kronor for hanging my jacket . Again here , i dont see their strategy . As it turned out 15 % of people inside , refused to pay to hang their jackets and coats , and were  wearing them inside the club. Which really sort of plays as a disadvantage , for me at least . It sort of lowers the exclusiveness of the establishment in question . Oh , well … moving on . The club was already packed and pumping . Its not a big club , but has its charms . Tonights tunes were delivered by dj Tim Henri , ( note ! well , I think he plays their every night ….well at least i ve seen him there for the last 5-6 years , by all means he is a good dj ) . If so is the case , thats another point reduced . A good club should have several resident dj s , and bringing in new djs every friday and sat , and keeping a steady change in their line up and performance . Some nights can be minimal house , some disco , some techno , rnb etc … And one can really mix and mash em up well on any given night , to deliver a nice change and always surprise guests . But it seems not to be the case for this swedish club , (note!  I m maybe wrong here but everytime i come , its the same dj playing , year after year ). I was quite happy with the bar . i ve spotted some russian imported vodka , and they blended nice cocktails . I had tequila , sex on the beach , long island , gin and tonic , and tequila sunrise i believe . One cocktail is priced anywhere between 104-130 swedish kronor . And I must tell you that in Sweden , a vodka shot is not a 50 cl or a double 100 cl  its either a 40 cl or a double 60 cl . So in case of having shots , its probably better to go for a 40 shot rather than a 60 cl  . A 60 shot , takes me two gos to down . it feels just alittle bit too big . The interior I m really found of . looks classy all the way .

The crowd is really diverse . on this night , half of the club was wearing suits and the other half some sort of hipster handmedowns  . I personally find it strange , its just way too different , but i guess this is one of those things Sweden is famous for , freedom of self expression .

By 1 am the place is packed and pumping . Guests are drunk on their beers and wines , and dancing wildly to the house tunes . I must note , i never get tired of watching swedes partying . Let me explain why . On a regular work day , they are very quite and even shy , walking by themselves , iphone in hand , headset on them , staring down on the ground , not expressing themselves more than the absolute minimum . But as soon as they get couple beers in them , they change right away . They enjoy screaming , climbing on each other , and generally trying to attract as much attention upon themselves as they possibly can . ANd if not for the countries strict alcohol policies , i believe that they would be partying non stop , day in and day out . without control . But since alcohol and partying is expensive for Swedes , they enjoy a once or twice a month binge rather than everyday or every weekend lever killing drinking offense .

To summarize , I want to say that this club is not bad . It has a certain charm and style , and its always pumping on wednesdays , fridays , saturdays and some sundays . Some minuses are the entrance and wardrobe fees , no strict dress code , no theme parties , and needs more change , like new djs , bar staff perhaps change some things inside , make it more baroque and appealing . Special drink menus .

So out of 5 star on the global nightclub rating , i will give it a 3 star rating .

Out of 5 star on the Sweden nightclub rating , I will give it a stable 4+ star rating .

Its definitely worth going to when you re in Stockholm .


tel: 08-676 58 07

Just out and About at riverside restoran Maradona


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SO its a chilly friday night in Moscow , and i ve just picked up a friend from office and we re heading to rendez – vous with another buddy . once we met,  we both drove to a place called Riverside Restoran Maradona ( Its located next door to famous Soho Rooms . I really didnt know what to expect , I ve heard about this place but never took my time to visit it . One of my friends i was with that night , really recommended it . So i said what the hell , lets go and have a look . I think it was around 11 pm , when we parked and went to the entrance . Greeted by two fat gorillas at the door , we were waiting while some young kid , who is obviously responsible for face control , would approach us and inspect us for entry . At first he didnt want to let us in at all , but my friend was persuasive , so this idiot , said ok to my friends and not to me . He said he was bother with my jacket . I got very upset actually , I dont wear anything that is “hand-me-outs” or cheap . I tend to dress in the best fashion and that night i was wearing a very exclusive VERRI jacket ( , that costs more than this guys annual  allowance . So my friends begged me to take it off and leave it in the car . If it wasn’t for my friend , i would just have punched this cocksucker in the face , and left . I really fail to see how these guys judge who enters or not . Their job is not to let in people that are too drunk , or too high or would fail to cover their check at the end of the night . Thats it ! Most of people inside , ( the ladies ) , were wearing dress but only sipping water , since they aint got the dough to get anything else . OK , moving on . So we entered , we were greeted by very loud party disco music . The long stairs leading upwards made a good impression , the quite restaurant on the left looked nice , we were waiting for the frontman to find us a table , after 10 min he walked us in . We went to the patio part of the establishment . It was a nice table , near the bar . The music was good , people were smoking hookahs and drinking like crazy . Our eyes were wondering about , inspecting young beautiful girls that were cruising by us in their high heels and sensual dresses . We ordered some Jack Daniels , cola , some sushi and some poulet .  The drinks came fast , the poulet took more than 45 min , at which point the waiter came over and informed us , that they dont have it . So my friend settled for a chicken shashilik ( bbq chicken ) . That came after 15 min .  My phone was off the hook that night , and since it was so loud , the only place i could hear myself , was at bathrooms so i had to go there . The lines were big , the place only roomed 3 bathrooms , which is not enough at all . While i was waiting , one bathroom door opened and out came three lads , all groggy and red eyed , blowing their noses . so obviously so sinister things were going down at that particular bathroom . And you could tell that many guests were on something , more than just alcohol . Anyways , we had a good time . The place seems to be attracting alot of people for the pre party / dinner type of get together . at around 2 am the place was dying out . So all and all i would say it s a nice trendy place right now , some problems with the staff , and the face control guy is a total schmuck , but not a bad place to spend some money at . So if you re up for some high class rolling on a friday , stop by this place , but it would be advisable to book a table ahead ! Below are the photo gallery of that night !!!  

 All the photos taken by FOTOFC here

Hungry Duck grand opening


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so its a Friday night , and the tension is in the air and Everyone could feel it , why ? because one of the most infamous nightclubs in the world is opening the doors and coming back to life . Hungry Duck was one the top venues in the 90th , running out of a small venue in Moscow , Russia . it was like Sodom and Gomorrah , it was know n for wild fights , for wild girls and for being anti communist . You could literary run into people abroad and they would ask you about this joint . I m sure that anyone can find a lot of info about the place in the newspapers and Internet . So anyway , we were invited to the re-opening and the rebirth of the Hungry Duck .

First of , the club  changed the location , its now occupying a very good building that is 3 stories high . 

It has a nice round bar on the ground floor .  the DJ is above the main bar , looking down on the crowd . the second floor is mainly for dining guests and has a bar as well . the top floor is a chill out area , with a bar and pool tables . One very cool addition to the interior  is the old soviet Militia traffic watchtower , that is now a VIP area at the Duck . I don’t know how and where they got it but it looks very cool , and draws a lot of attention .

On the opening night there were allegedly around 2000 people , which is a huge crow for the over populated Moscow club scene . . The menu is obviously American , and offers a lot of unhealthy alternatives , just like any bar would . The prices for drinks are very pleasing for such a venue . Now , on that night i did try couple cocktails , but as a guy with a lot of drinking experience , i must say they very quite poor . I did order 3 gin tonics , and all 3 were just water with ice and a lemon , which i pointed out to the barman , but he didn’t want to hear it . And since there were so many people on that night , and the cue to the bar was at least a 30 min deal , we decided to just  get couple bottles of tequila and some water and juice to gag down in between the shots . A bottle of tequila turned out to be relatively cheap , around 6500 rub ( 210 usd ) and it went down like a dream . I have not had a opportunity or a recollection of having any food , but then again i was wasted that night , so I will not comment about it . But all and all , i would like to draw forth the verdict , and say that the opening night was a SUCCESS !!! and thanks to good promoters doing their job it attracted a lot of people and brought back some good vibes and memories from the past .


So summarizing ,  the pluses are Location , Interior , Menu , Advertisement , Bar , Music , Crowd .

the minuses are cocktails , staff , security & safety .

So at the end of the day  The owners managed to capture the crowd with this massive venue , location and advertisement  , and the key is now to keep the crowd alive , and I believe to do so , They MUST BRING BACK THE WILD LADIES NIGHTS , where girls drink for free and enjoy striptease or some other entertainment and when the time is right like around 10-11 pm , you let in the anxious boys to take over …

I believe that despite people arguing against , the reason for people  to go out to the bars and drink is to relax and have fun not considering the consequences , not to so much chat  to the point where everyone goes home alone without having sex . Alcohol erases a lot of confusion and shyness , and gives people confidence and lets them act out on pure emotions rather than reason , which is good as long as it  doesn’t lead to anybody s death and please understand that  People want to have random sex with someone they just met , if they wouldn’t they would go to a cafe or a restaurant . so with that said :

If you enter the DUCK , you better be ready to F*CK !!! that should be the motto and that will reign success and triumph for years to come !!!

so if the owners think that they can just open a club that will run like any other place without that special flavor of booze and debauchery  added to the mix , well they are wrong … the place will be deserted in such case …

So lets revive and relive the legend !!! I want to enter the club and see the place alive with wild , horny girls and adolescent behavior . I want to feel like a teenager going to a club for the first time !!! and I believe that is the key to success in Moscow club scene today , there are way too many posh and similar clubs that offer nothing different apart from interior and location . I already know everything about them and people that come there before i even enter the club for the first time , so I get bored , and i rather get drunk at home .

So it only remains to see whether this will be a win or a flop !!! GOOD LUCK

Honey Bunny -Welcome to Rajwood!


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ImageSo its a saturday night , and my friends and I are living an Indian restaurant after four hours of drinking , eating and talking . One of the boys recommends a bar called THE BAR . Its located close to the Red Square and We ve been there couple years ago when the place just opened . He said that there will be friends we know , and since no one objected , we hailed two cabs and went for it !

Arriving ten minutes later , we walk inside this place . The entrance is very sexy . marble tiles on the floor s, beautiful 18th century interior . we checked in our coats , and took the stairs down to the club . Two gorillas greeted us and after a short stubby kid cleared us for dress code and face control , we were inside . The place was pumping with loud music , girls were dancing on the tabletops , it was loud and sweaty like it usually is . We spotted some people we knew , and gave them our hellos etc . Bundling together near the bar , we made our first order .

This is when i realized that this event was done by the honey bunny crew . they organize parties around Moscow for couple years now , and I ve been to their events on and off . Then I ve spoted a guy my friend knew , and I ve known from some time back  . He was indian , and a chef . And apparently the event was an Indian theme . So there were indian dancers , indian food . I didnt dare to try , but it was resting on the bar top for people to take .

As far as the club itself . It has a charm , the interior is nice and very cozy . But its extremely small , and not intended for nightclub people and parties of that caliber . This is a place where top ceos and gentlemen can come have a table , and a drink and chit chat about business while getting a bj from one of the hookers . So to me that s the kind of business that should be inside this place , but now they ve turned it to a regular nightclub .

As far as the honey bunny , well they ve done the food , dancers , gave out these indian dots on the forehead to guests and played indian music . I do wish that the food would be handed out by waiters and not laying on the bar , cause God knows its not hygienically proof . But other wise I really dont see what they could have done more , if only they should have invited more Indian and Pakistanian people to the place .

As far as a club , its just like all the other places . Very hard for me to see why I would choose this club before any other location . Its small , so it gets full pretty easy , so if only i m in that particular part of town , i would choose this club , but then again there s Pacha club five minutes away . And thats a full size nightclub .

So the event organizers done well . But the more times they ll change locations the more people they ll attract and more new people will get their brand and recognize .

The club itself , needs a format change . We dont need another nightclub here , we have way too many already . But I would like this to be a gentlemens club , where we would sit with the boys , smoke cigars and talk prior to going out and partying .

So well done the promoters , club owner should consider a new approach , otherwise this club will be short-lived .

Partying in Abu Dhabi


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The Nightlife .

The nightlife is a bit specific in UAE . officially there is no alcohol sold in the country , except for bars and restaurants . But that doesn’t stop people from getting hammered , now does it . Most of the bars and nightclubs are located at the hotel areas . So every evening after 7 pm tons of people swarm the hotel lobby or campus to go to the bars and get their drinks . There are lots of Americans going out , mostly men . so they have their beers and chat up some girls . Now even though prostitution is illegal and taboo , there are mostly prostitutes working at the bars and clubs . Lots of Africans , Thai and Russians . So there is really no picking up going on , the girls approach you and offer their services . Well , I never tried it out , so wont comment on that . But that s the way it is . Otherwise apart from that , its just like anywhere else . drinks , dancing , and flirting . I would say its okay , but didn’t really make an impression on me at all . So partying isn’t one of UAE strong sides .

partying in Stockholm


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I ve made my way to Stockholm for the Christmas holidays; I was to stay there for a week between 24th dec and 31st dec 2011. And since I had lots of free time, I had no other choice than to party at some of the best locations Sweden had to offer. The first party day was the Christmas day, I was expecting many people but not quite as many as I ve seen outside. At around 23 o clock the whole city was full of young and old club goers. My first stop was Cafe Opera nightclub. ( I was surprised to see how many people turned up for the party this day. The club was so entirely packed, that it wasn’t fun to be inside. IT took around 30 min to get in, guest lists only and another 30 min for the wardrobe. And it would take you on average around that time too to get a drink, so without giving much thought, I ve made my choice to bail out. Breaking my way out of this overcrowded dungeon, I made my way to Stureplan. The top location for bars and clubs in Stockholm. Here most of people go out, and have their way at the bar. I ve chosen a club called Solidaritet. There was no line yet here, due to early hours. This is one of the very few locations where the doors are open till 5 am. Most of the places close at 3 am in Sweden. So happy to be inside and paying 200 kr entrance, I was what it felt like the only guy at this location. The music was pumping but there wasn’t that much action around. Slow but surely people started to pile in, after I ve ordered my second gin n tonic. I ve noticed the diverse crowd right away , regular students , office workers were congregating here , my eye caught one particular character . What seemed to look like a large plus size girl from the front, turned out to be a transvestite once he turned to face me. Abit of a shock came over, but later subsided since me ve remembered where I was. This is Sweden, this is normal and accepted. I was studying this character the whole night there. And noticed that it was getting some action from the drunken Swedish males, so apparently it was ok to be gay and cross dress. In other places this guy would have gotten his ass kicked but not in Sweden. 


I was feeling tired already early in the night , since I was three hours ahead from local time , I had to call it a night even before the club got filled up . What I ve noticed is obviously overpriced drinks , you have to pay around 120 sek for a gin n tonic , which is 600 rub , and you get a 4 cl gin instead of a 5 cl . And a double is 8cl in Sweden, not a 10 cl like in the rest of the world. That too, plays a role. Another thing noticed is how most of the males are drinking beer. It’s obviously the cheapest drink, women stick to white or red wine. Very few guys get shots, and if they do, it’s not vodka or tequila, its Jaggermeister all the way. Not my favorite shot at all. A good thing is that, all clubs are smoke free, so you don’t have to smell like an ashtray at the end of the day, but you do smell other people’s odors, and sometimes it’s not the best choice.


So most of the week, I ve visited bars and clubs. Getting around with a good friend of mine, we hit different locations. The above 30 ths place, with no music and a good beer bar. Didn’t impress me much at all , if not for some random conversations , it would have been quite a boring place , noted for being the top  mid 30ths single hangout spot . The place didn’t leave you feeling like in the mood for love or anything like that. We visited a La Havana club, Latino club located on the main street in Stockholm sveavagen. It was a tiny place with low end service and interior. This location attracts foreigners from Latin America, Brazil, and Cuba etc. To dance salsa and raggaeton. Some Swedish men and women come there, to dance and get a one night stander. The place was interesting, but not crowded and too focused on dancing rather than on sex.


Another particular night out in Stockholm, I remember was a Thursday night. I was heading to meet my friend, at some place I ve haven’t heard of at Ostermalm. While walking there, I ve bumped in a guy looking for directions. He asked direction to Soap Bar, and I was happy to guide him there. After walking him over to the bar, I suggested that he follows me to meet my friend, because he was by himself and first time in Stockholm. So he was happy to do so. It turned out he was a great guy in early twentieth, from Vienna, where he teaches class on how to engage and get popular with women. It’s a shop on pick up techniques. So I was very happy to share my stories and my techs with him. It was a great fun night. We parted friends, and he is the guy next to me on the photo above. Taken at Solidaritet.


Well, that’s pretty much it. Stockholm can be a very fun party place if you come during the summer. But it does go out of hand, and clubs cant uphold any high standard as do the clubs in other cities. Stockholm nightlife is wild , but too mundane .



The InterNations Moscow Success Story, the year 2011 Closing Party!


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thursday and i m getting into the subway heading to Pacha club for the last event of this year for Internations ( ) . Internations is a social on line community for expats and people with that background . They have covered most of the world and do networking events . So basically you can always check whats happening in the city which you live in or waiting to travel to . The Moscow community is quite large , i believe that have almost 1000 members . The community is managed by germans and they do events once a month , they always choose thursdays and offer either 3 alcoholic drinks and food for the entry fee , which is around 1200rub-1800 rub per head , or do a free bar depending on the event and endorsements . now , they usually change locations , but they use some spots more often than others , such as starlight dinners and radio city bar , obviously cause of the strong connection between venue owners and the organizers . Internations events in Moscow always have sponsors , and raffles . But i have my doubts about them , cause its a strange coincidence that some people always win something , and I have been attending this for third year , and never won anything …but i dont have any hard proof )))

But never mind that , so this time the event is held at famous Pacha club .  I ve been there many times , and its one of my favorite spots for going out . good interior , good music ,and girls are amazingly nice . but i dont visit the club too often nowadays cause most of my friends , choose different locations . Anyway i make my way to the buff bouncers and tell em to let me in . As i enter i walk to the hosts , and announce my name and pay the entry fee . they give me a poker chip , which i m to trade for a meal . Despite being a thursday and very early , the place is packed . these events usually always look the same , foreigners aged 30 to 60 , and young russian girls . so people get drinks and mingle , its suppose to be a business networking event , but i hardly believe that you can do any business with anyone there …I personally talk , but almost never follow up on connections made at internations events .

So the bar was offering all you can drink vodka , whisky , red wine , beer . vodka was good Kauffman , dont remember anything else really . Met alot of friends there .  

here are some of my friends ( and you can spot me in the background )


I was pretty much happy with the drinks , and was having some beers , cocktails , vodka shots , vodka cocktails and some red wine in the end .  I never tried the food …but it looked like they were serving some sort of a curry dinner . But my friends told me that it was good .

And as always after some time , the german organizers take the stage and start the raffle . I never listen or follow it , so i wasnt into that . but that have ok prices , usually hotel getaways , clothes and ipads . but as i ve mentioned before , i do believe that they are some what tainted , rigged .

This time my friend was a part of the raffle announcements , so i cared for a look  see !

Well to summarize the party , I would give it 3 out of 5 stars . Pluses were : location , attendance , alcohol

Minuses : thursday ( not the best choice), no music , no entertainment  , same crowd .

thats about it )))

Golds Gym party at Runways Bar dec 2nd 2011


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Its friday evening , and I m on my way to Belorusskaya metro station . I m  there to attend a Golds Gym in Russia  15th anniversary  party . The party is held at a new location called Runways bar . I ve never heard of it , so it took me some time to find it . Then i ve realized that its located exactly at the same place where a club called Zhara ( heat ) was once located .

I m met by four big mean looking bouncers at the doors . they ask for a club card or an invitation . I flip em the card , and they step down , to let me in . Its still quite early , only 15 min past 8 pm . but the line to the wardrobe is huge . i think i ve spent like 20 min or so in cue for the wardrobe , luck would have it , i took my mp3 player and was happily listening to some heavy metal by Bullet for My valentine . As i finally caught a break , and turned in my jacket . I was approached by two very hot looking young ladies , one gave me a glow in the dark wrist band with golds gym logo on it , and another one gave me a hundred dollar bill , and told its for gambling . Well , the bill was fake of course , but i could use it to play either black jack , or roulette . I walked in to the club , it was pretty much packed . and nothing changed much interior wise since i ve been there a year ago , when it was club Zhara .  The bars were fully operational , and i decided to pick up a corona to start the evening . I was waiting on my brother , so i ve located myself in the gambling section of the venue , and observed people playing black jack . On stage there was a show with dancing , they were announcing some memorable sports moments etc .  

finally my brother showed up , and we started the drinking properly  . the bar meny was standard , nothing special . overpriced as everything else in Moscow , but we re used to it . so we went for the tequilas and some gin tonics . I must point out that prior to this day , i have been sober for over three weeks . so my alcohol resistance was put to a test . after throwing couple of drinks down , i went outside to meet a good friend of mine , who stopped by to check this party out , since i ve invited her .

As she came in , a popular pop singer Stas Pieha made his apperance on stage , and the crowd was dancing and singing along , so did my friend . I m not a fan of this guy  , but at least he sang live and he did pretty well . so i was tapping my feet , as  i was drinking down my gin tonic . After a while , we went to do some gambling . the money was fake , but it was still fun nonetheless . So it was black jack . we bet some money , won some chips and traded them for a parcel full of goodies . Which bytheway i forgot later the same night at a different bar . bollocks !!!

So to summarize the event . It was well made . there were hosts , dancers , singers , disco , decorations , cake , photographers , goodies , games those were the plus sides . the minus was the club itself is horrible designed and arranged . the tables , bars are located in the way of the dance floor and stage . the bar menu was weak , so were the bar staff . huge line to the wardrobe and obviously no fire exits or safety was tainted . luckily it was a private event so people were keeping themselves cool . Otherwise i wouldnt go to this club to party unless it was a closed event like this .

but just to rate the party , it was a strong 3 out of 5 stars . good but not great .

lookin cafe nov 4th 2011


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Its been awhile since the last post here . I have been partying every weekend non stop . But lets review the last fridays party . Russia had a holiday , so people were partying thursday , friday and saturday non stop . We were a big gang , my brother and I and four other girls . The night started at our house with cocktails and cognac , after these pleasantries , we took the cab to check out the new hot venue Rock n Roll bar ( It tooks us 25 min standing in line outside , to get to the door . And we couldnt come in cause one girl in our party was under 21 . So the actually card people , thats very new for Russia . Without loosing much hope , we ferried down couple hundred meters to KitchKock bar ( . Mr Sergey Zakrasin ( host ) informed us that the place is full and we had only to pay 20.000 rub (650 usd )as a deposit for a table and we would come in . Well , since no one but my brother and I would pay , we decided to try another location down the road .

We walked by Lookin cafe (, and it looked packed and busy . I have been to Lookin rooms bar before which is a nightclub and it was a popular location with many party people , so we decided to check the place out .

It was small , but had lots of different areas , and was full . music was various from club to rock , to 80th  . people were dancing and drinking . we had some tequila shots . The bar staff was pleasant , security was in check . Not a bad place , but dance floor was overcrowded and it felt like inside a subway . but nonetheless not a bad place for kids aged 18 to 23 .

I ll stop by there again for sure !!!

yours truly