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Its been awhile since the last post here . I have been partying every weekend non stop . But lets review the last fridays party . Russia had a holiday , so people were partying thursday , friday and saturday non stop . We were a big gang , my brother and I and four other girls . The night started at our house with cocktails and cognac , after these pleasantries , we took the cab to check out the new hot venue Rock n Roll bar (http://rocknrollbar.ru/). It tooks us 25 min standing in line outside , to get to the door . And we couldnt come in cause one girl in our party was under 21 . So the actually card people , thats very new for Russia . Without loosing much hope , we ferried down couple hundred meters to KitchKock bar ( http://www.kitchkock.com/) . Mr Sergey Zakrasin ( host ) informed us that the place is full and we had only to pay 20.000 rub (650 usd )as a deposit for a table and we would come in . Well , since no one but my brother and I would pay , we decided to try another location down the road .

We walked by Lookin cafe (http://www.citycafe.ru/lookin/), and it looked packed and busy . I have been to Lookin rooms bar before which is a nightclub and it was a popular location with many party people , so we decided to check the place out .

It was small , but had lots of different areas , and was full . music was various from club to rock , to 80th  . people were dancing and drinking . we had some tequila shots . The bar staff was pleasant , security was in check . Not a bad place , but dance floor was overcrowded and it felt like inside a subway . but nonetheless not a bad place for kids aged 18 to 23 .

I ll stop by there again for sure !!!

yours truly