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Its friday evening , and I m on my way to Belorusskaya metro station . I m  there to attend a Golds Gym in Russia  15th anniversary  party . The party is held at a new location called Runways bar . I ve never heard of it , so it took me some time to find it . Then i ve realized that its located exactly at the same place where a club called Zhara ( heat ) was once located .

I m met by four big mean looking bouncers at the doors . they ask for a club card or an invitation . I flip em the card , and they step down , to let me in . Its still quite early , only 15 min past 8 pm . but the line to the wardrobe is huge . i think i ve spent like 20 min or so in cue for the wardrobe , luck would have it , i took my mp3 player and was happily listening to some heavy metal by Bullet for My valentine . As i finally caught a break , and turned in my jacket . I was approached by two very hot looking young ladies , one gave me a glow in the dark wrist band with golds gym logo on it , and another one gave me a hundred dollar bill , and told its for gambling . Well , the bill was fake of course , but i could use it to play either black jack , or roulette . I walked in to the club , it was pretty much packed . and nothing changed much interior wise since i ve been there a year ago , when it was club Zhara .  The bars were fully operational , and i decided to pick up a corona to start the evening . I was waiting on my brother , so i ve located myself in the gambling section of the venue , and observed people playing black jack . On stage there was a show with dancing , they were announcing some memorable sports moments etc .  

finally my brother showed up , and we started the drinking properly  . the bar meny was standard , nothing special . overpriced as everything else in Moscow , but we re used to it . so we went for the tequilas and some gin tonics . I must point out that prior to this day , i have been sober for over three weeks . so my alcohol resistance was put to a test . after throwing couple of drinks down , i went outside to meet a good friend of mine , who stopped by to check this party out , since i ve invited her .

As she came in , a popular pop singer Stas Pieha made his apperance on stage , and the crowd was dancing and singing along , so did my friend . I m not a fan of this guy  , but at least he sang live and he did pretty well . so i was tapping my feet , as  i was drinking down my gin tonic . After a while , we went to do some gambling . the money was fake , but it was still fun nonetheless . So it was black jack . we bet some money , won some chips and traded them for a parcel full of goodies . Which bytheway i forgot later the same night at a different bar . bollocks !!!

So to summarize the event . It was well made . there were hosts , dancers , singers , disco , decorations , cake , photographers , goodies , games those were the plus sides . the minus was the club itself is horrible designed and arranged . the tables , bars are located in the way of the dance floor and stage . the bar menu was weak , so were the bar staff . huge line to the wardrobe and obviously no fire exits or safety was tainted . luckily it was a private event so people were keeping themselves cool . Otherwise i wouldnt go to this club to party unless it was a closed event like this .

but just to rate the party , it was a strong 3 out of 5 stars . good but not great .