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thursday and i m getting into the subway heading to Pacha club for the last event of this year for Internations (www.internations.org ) . Internations is a social on line community for expats and people with that background . They have covered most of the world and do networking events . So basically you can always check whats happening in the city which you live in or waiting to travel to . The Moscow community is quite large , i believe that have almost 1000 members . The community is managed by germans and they do events once a month , they always choose thursdays and offer either 3 alcoholic drinks and food for the entry fee , which is around 1200rub-1800 rub per head , or do a free bar depending on the event and endorsements . now , they usually change locations , but they use some spots more often than others , such as starlight dinners and radio city bar , obviously cause of the strong connection between venue owners and the organizers . Internations events in Moscow always have sponsors , and raffles . But i have my doubts about them , cause its a strange coincidence that some people always win something , and I have been attending this for third year , and never won anything …but i dont have any hard proof )))

But never mind that , so this time the event is held at famous Pacha club .  I ve been there many times , and its one of my favorite spots for going out . good interior , good music ,and girls are amazingly nice . but i dont visit the club too often nowadays cause most of my friends , choose different locations . Anyway i make my way to the buff bouncers and tell em to let me in . As i enter i walk to the hosts , and announce my name and pay the entry fee . they give me a poker chip , which i m to trade for a meal . Despite being a thursday and very early , the place is packed . these events usually always look the same , foreigners aged 30 to 60 , and young russian girls . so people get drinks and mingle , its suppose to be a business networking event , but i hardly believe that you can do any business with anyone there …I personally talk , but almost never follow up on connections made at internations events .

So the bar was offering all you can drink vodka , whisky , red wine , beer . vodka was good Kauffman , dont remember anything else really . Met alot of friends there .  

here are some of my friends ( and you can spot me in the background )


I was pretty much happy with the drinks , and was having some beers , cocktails , vodka shots , vodka cocktails and some red wine in the end .  I never tried the food …but it looked like they were serving some sort of a curry dinner . But my friends told me that it was good .

And as always after some time , the german organizers take the stage and start the raffle . I never listen or follow it , so i wasnt into that . but that have ok prices , usually hotel getaways , clothes and ipads . but as i ve mentioned before , i do believe that they are some what tainted , rigged .

This time my friend was a part of the raffle announcements , so i cared for a look  see !

Well to summarize the party , I would give it 3 out of 5 stars . Pluses were : location , attendance , alcohol

Minuses : thursday ( not the best choice), no music , no entertainment  , same crowd .

thats about it )))