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I ve made my way to Stockholm for the Christmas holidays; I was to stay there for a week between 24th dec and 31st dec 2011. And since I had lots of free time, I had no other choice than to party at some of the best locations Sweden had to offer. The first party day was the Christmas day, I was expecting many people but not quite as many as I ve seen outside. At around 23 o clock the whole city was full of young and old club goers. My first stop was Cafe Opera nightclub. (cafeopera.se) I was surprised to see how many people turned up for the party this day. The club was so entirely packed, that it wasn’t fun to be inside. IT took around 30 min to get in, guest lists only and another 30 min for the wardrobe. And it would take you on average around that time too to get a drink, so without giving much thought, I ve made my choice to bail out. Breaking my way out of this overcrowded dungeon, I made my way to Stureplan. The top location for bars and clubs in Stockholm. Here most of people go out, and have their way at the bar. I ve chosen a club called Solidaritet. There was no line yet here, due to early hours. This is one of the very few locations where the doors are open till 5 am. Most of the places close at 3 am in Sweden. So happy to be inside and paying 200 kr entrance, I was what it felt like the only guy at this location. The music was pumping but there wasn’t that much action around. Slow but surely people started to pile in, after I ve ordered my second gin n tonic. I ve noticed the diverse crowd right away , regular students , office workers were congregating here , my eye caught one particular character . What seemed to look like a large plus size girl from the front, turned out to be a transvestite once he turned to face me. Abit of a shock came over, but later subsided since me ve remembered where I was. This is Sweden, this is normal and accepted. I was studying this character the whole night there. And noticed that it was getting some action from the drunken Swedish males, so apparently it was ok to be gay and cross dress. In other places this guy would have gotten his ass kicked but not in Sweden. 


I was feeling tired already early in the night , since I was three hours ahead from local time , I had to call it a night even before the club got filled up . What I ve noticed is obviously overpriced drinks , you have to pay around 120 sek for a gin n tonic , which is 600 rub , and you get a 4 cl gin instead of a 5 cl . And a double is 8cl in Sweden, not a 10 cl like in the rest of the world. That too, plays a role. Another thing noticed is how most of the males are drinking beer. It’s obviously the cheapest drink, women stick to white or red wine. Very few guys get shots, and if they do, it’s not vodka or tequila, its Jaggermeister all the way. Not my favorite shot at all. A good thing is that, all clubs are smoke free, so you don’t have to smell like an ashtray at the end of the day, but you do smell other people’s odors, and sometimes it’s not the best choice.


So most of the week, I ve visited bars and clubs. Getting around with a good friend of mine, we hit different locations. The above 30 ths place, with no music and a good beer bar. Didn’t impress me much at all , if not for some random conversations , it would have been quite a boring place , noted for being the top  mid 30ths single hangout spot . The place didn’t leave you feeling like in the mood for love or anything like that. We visited a La Havana club, Latino club located on the main street in Stockholm sveavagen. It was a tiny place with low end service and interior. This location attracts foreigners from Latin America, Brazil, and Cuba etc. To dance salsa and raggaeton. Some Swedish men and women come there, to dance and get a one night stander. The place was interesting, but not crowded and too focused on dancing rather than on sex.


Another particular night out in Stockholm, I remember was a Thursday night. I was heading to meet my friend, at some place I ve haven’t heard of at Ostermalm. While walking there, I ve bumped in a guy looking for directions. He asked direction to Soap Bar, and I was happy to guide him there. After walking him over to the bar, I suggested that he follows me to meet my friend, because he was by himself and first time in Stockholm. So he was happy to do so. It turned out he was a great guy in early twentieth, from Vienna, where he teaches class on how to engage and get popular with women. It’s a shop on pick up techniques. So I was very happy to share my stories and my techs with him. It was a great fun night. We parted friends, and he is the guy next to me on the photo above. Taken at Solidaritet.


Well, that’s pretty much it. Stockholm can be a very fun party place if you come during the summer. But it does go out of hand, and clubs cant uphold any high standard as do the clubs in other cities. Stockholm nightlife is wild , but too mundane .