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The Nightlife .

The nightlife is a bit specific in UAE . officially there is no alcohol sold in the country , except for bars and restaurants . But that doesn’t stop people from getting hammered , now does it . Most of the bars and nightclubs are located at the hotel areas . So every evening after 7 pm tons of people swarm the hotel lobby or campus to go to the bars and get their drinks . There are lots of Americans going out , mostly men . so they have their beers and chat up some girls . Now even though prostitution is illegal and taboo , there are mostly prostitutes working at the bars and clubs . Lots of Africans , Thai and Russians . So there is really no picking up going on , the girls approach you and offer their services . Well , I never tried it out , so wont comment on that . But that s the way it is . Otherwise apart from that , its just like anywhere else . drinks , dancing , and flirting . I would say its okay , but didn’t really make an impression on me at all . So partying isn’t one of UAE strong sides .