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ImageSo its a saturday night , and my friends and I are living an Indian restaurant after four hours of drinking , eating and talking . One of the boys recommends a bar called THE BAR . Its located close to the Red Square and We ve been there couple years ago when the place just opened . He said that there will be friends we know , and since no one objected , we hailed two cabs and went for it !

Arriving ten minutes later , we walk inside this place . The entrance is very sexy . marble tiles on the floor s, beautiful 18th century interior . we checked in our coats , and took the stairs down to the club . Two gorillas greeted us and after a short stubby kid cleared us for dress code and face control , we were inside . The place was pumping with loud music , girls were dancing on the tabletops , it was loud and sweaty like it usually is . We spotted some people we knew , and gave them our hellos etc . Bundling together near the bar , we made our first order .

This is when i realized that this event was done by the honey bunny crew . they organize parties around Moscow for couple years now , and I ve been to their events on and off . Then I ve spoted a guy my friend knew , and I ve known from some time back  . He was indian , and a chef . And apparently the event was an Indian theme . So there were indian dancers , indian food . I didnt dare to try , but it was resting on the bar top for people to take .

As far as the club itself . It has a charm , the interior is nice and very cozy . But its extremely small , and not intended for nightclub people and parties of that caliber . This is a place where top ceos and gentlemen can come have a table , and a drink and chit chat about business while getting a bj from one of the hookers . So to me that s the kind of business that should be inside this place , but now they ve turned it to a regular nightclub .

As far as the honey bunny , well they ve done the food , dancers , gave out these indian dots on the forehead to guests and played indian music . I do wish that the food would be handed out by waiters and not laying on the bar , cause God knows its not hygienically proof . But other wise I really dont see what they could have done more , if only they should have invited more Indian and Pakistanian people to the place .

As far as a club , its just like all the other places . Very hard for me to see why I would choose this club before any other location . Its small , so it gets full pretty easy , so if only i m in that particular part of town , i would choose this club , but then again there s Pacha club five minutes away . And thats a full size nightclub .

So the event organizers done well . But the more times they ll change locations the more people they ll attract and more new people will get their brand and recognize .

The club itself , needs a format change . We dont need another nightclub here , we have way too many already . But I would like this to be a gentlemens club , where we would sit with the boys , smoke cigars and talk prior to going out and partying .

So well done the promoters , club owner should consider a new approach , otherwise this club will be short-lived .