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so its a Friday night , and the tension is in the air and Everyone could feel it , why ? because one of the most infamous nightclubs in the world is opening the doors and coming back to life . Hungry Duck was one the top venues in the 90th , running out of a small venue in Moscow , Russia . it was like Sodom and Gomorrah , it was know n for wild fights , for wild girls and for being anti communist . You could literary run into people abroad and they would ask you about this joint . I m sure that anyone can find a lot of info about the place in the newspapers and Internet . So anyway , we were invited to the re-opening and the rebirth of the Hungry Duck .

First of , the club  changed the location , its now occupying a very good building that is 3 stories high . 

It has a nice round bar on the ground floor .  the DJ is above the main bar , looking down on the crowd . the second floor is mainly for dining guests and has a bar as well . the top floor is a chill out area , with a bar and pool tables . One very cool addition to the interior  is the old soviet Militia traffic watchtower , that is now a VIP area at the Duck . I don’t know how and where they got it but it looks very cool , and draws a lot of attention .

On the opening night there were allegedly around 2000 people , which is a huge crow for the over populated Moscow club scene . . The menu is obviously American , and offers a lot of unhealthy alternatives , just like any bar would . The prices for drinks are very pleasing for such a venue . Now , on that night i did try couple cocktails , but as a guy with a lot of drinking experience , i must say they very quite poor . I did order 3 gin tonics , and all 3 were just water with ice and a lemon , which i pointed out to the barman , but he didn’t want to hear it . And since there were so many people on that night , and the cue to the bar was at least a 30 min deal , we decided to just  get couple bottles of tequila and some water and juice to gag down in between the shots . A bottle of tequila turned out to be relatively cheap , around 6500 rub ( 210 usd ) and it went down like a dream . I have not had a opportunity or a recollection of having any food , but then again i was wasted that night , so I will not comment about it . But all and all , i would like to draw forth the verdict , and say that the opening night was a SUCCESS !!! and thanks to good promoters doing their job it attracted a lot of people and brought back some good vibes and memories from the past .


So summarizing ,  the pluses are Location , Interior , Menu , Advertisement , Bar , Music , Crowd .

the minuses are cocktails , staff , security & safety .

So at the end of the day  The owners managed to capture the crowd with this massive venue , location and advertisement  , and the key is now to keep the crowd alive , and I believe to do so , They MUST BRING BACK THE WILD LADIES NIGHTS , where girls drink for free and enjoy striptease or some other entertainment and when the time is right like around 10-11 pm , you let in the anxious boys to take over …

I believe that despite people arguing against , the reason for people  to go out to the bars and drink is to relax and have fun not considering the consequences , not to so much chat  to the point where everyone goes home alone without having sex . Alcohol erases a lot of confusion and shyness , and gives people confidence and lets them act out on pure emotions rather than reason , which is good as long as it  doesn’t lead to anybody s death and please understand that  People want to have random sex with someone they just met , if they wouldn’t they would go to a cafe or a restaurant . so with that said :

If you enter the DUCK , you better be ready to F*CK !!! that should be the motto and that will reign success and triumph for years to come !!!

so if the owners think that they can just open a club that will run like any other place without that special flavor of booze and debauchery  added to the mix , well they are wrong … the place will be deserted in such case …

So lets revive and relive the legend !!! I want to enter the club and see the place alive with wild , horny girls and adolescent behavior . I want to feel like a teenager going to a club for the first time !!! and I believe that is the key to success in Moscow club scene today , there are way too many posh and similar clubs that offer nothing different apart from interior and location . I already know everything about them and people that come there before i even enter the club for the first time , so I get bored , and i rather get drunk at home .

So it only remains to see whether this will be a win or a flop !!! GOOD LUCK