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SO its a chilly friday night in Moscow , and i ve just picked up a friend from office and we re heading to rendez – vous with another buddy . once we met,  we both drove to a place called Riverside Restoran Maradona (http://maradona.pro). Its located next door to famous Soho Rooms . I really didnt know what to expect , I ve heard about this place but never took my time to visit it . One of my friends i was with that night , really recommended it . So i said what the hell , lets go and have a look . I think it was around 11 pm , when we parked and went to the entrance . Greeted by two fat gorillas at the door , we were waiting while some young kid , who is obviously responsible for face control , would approach us and inspect us for entry . At first he didnt want to let us in at all , but my friend was persuasive , so this idiot , said ok to my friends and not to me . He said he was bother with my jacket . I got very upset actually , I dont wear anything that is “hand-me-outs” or cheap . I tend to dress in the best fashion and that night i was wearing a very exclusive VERRI jacket (http://www.verriuomo.com/) , that costs more than this guys annual  allowance . So my friends begged me to take it off and leave it in the car . If it wasn’t for my friend , i would just have punched this cocksucker in the face , and left . I really fail to see how these guys judge who enters or not . Their job is not to let in people that are too drunk , or too high or would fail to cover their check at the end of the night . Thats it ! Most of people inside , ( the ladies ) , were wearing dress but only sipping water , since they aint got the dough to get anything else . OK , moving on . So we entered , we were greeted by very loud party disco music . The long stairs leading upwards made a good impression , the quite restaurant on the left looked nice , we were waiting for the frontman to find us a table , after 10 min he walked us in . We went to the patio part of the establishment . It was a nice table , near the bar . The music was good , people were smoking hookahs and drinking like crazy . Our eyes were wondering about , inspecting young beautiful girls that were cruising by us in their high heels and sensual dresses . We ordered some Jack Daniels , cola , some sushi and some poulet .  The drinks came fast , the poulet took more than 45 min , at which point the waiter came over and informed us , that they dont have it . So my friend settled for a chicken shashilik ( bbq chicken ) . That came after 15 min .  My phone was off the hook that night , and since it was so loud , the only place i could hear myself , was at bathrooms so i had to go there . The lines were big , the place only roomed 3 bathrooms , which is not enough at all . While i was waiting , one bathroom door opened and out came three lads , all groggy and red eyed , blowing their noses . so obviously so sinister things were going down at that particular bathroom . And you could tell that many guests were on something , more than just alcohol . Anyways , we had a good time . The place seems to be attracting alot of people for the pre party / dinner type of get together . at around 2 am the place was dying out . So all and all i would say it s a nice trendy place right now , some problems with the staff , and the face control guy is a total schmuck , but not a bad place to spend some money at . So if you re up for some high class rolling on a friday , stop by this place , but it would be advisable to book a table ahead ! Below are the photo gallery of that night !!!  

 All the photos taken by FOTOFC here