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Wed 21 nov 2012

I decided to check out Stockholms “finest nightclub” , ( note ! considered by some clubheads ) on a wednesday night . And in the city of only 850.000 people , one doesnt have high expectations and hopes for a wild and crazy night . But nonetheless , I knew that I had to entertain myself somehow . I started with some cocktails , wine and hennessy at the nearby hotel bar , Anglais . And since I m on the clubs mail list , I knew that working hours this wednesday are 11pm to 3 am . So that leaves only 4 hrs of clubbing , which is not alot really , but I guess for some , more than enough  ! I made my way to the entrance at around 15 past 11 pm . The doorman asked if i was on the guest list , which i was . That saved me 200 swedish kronor , that they usually charge at the door . After walking in past the front door , i made my way upstairs to the wardrobe , where i was charged 40 swedish kronor for hanging my jacket . Again here , i dont see their strategy . As it turned out 15 % of people inside , refused to pay to hang their jackets and coats , and were  wearing them inside the club. Which really sort of plays as a disadvantage , for me at least . It sort of lowers the exclusiveness of the establishment in question . Oh , well … moving on . The club was already packed and pumping . Its not a big club , but has its charms . Tonights tunes were delivered by dj Tim Henri , ( note ! well , I think he plays their every night ….well at least i ve seen him there for the last 5-6 years , by all means he is a good dj ) . If so is the case , thats another point reduced . A good club should have several resident dj s , and bringing in new djs every friday and sat , and keeping a steady change in their line up and performance . Some nights can be minimal house , some disco , some techno , rnb etc … And one can really mix and mash em up well on any given night , to deliver a nice change and always surprise guests . But it seems not to be the case for this swedish club , (note!  I m maybe wrong here but everytime i come , its the same dj playing , year after year ). I was quite happy with the bar . i ve spotted some russian imported vodka , and they blended nice cocktails . I had tequila , sex on the beach , long island , gin and tonic , and tequila sunrise i believe . One cocktail is priced anywhere between 104-130 swedish kronor . And I must tell you that in Sweden , a vodka shot is not a 50 cl or a double 100 cl  its either a 40 cl or a double 60 cl . So in case of having shots , its probably better to go for a 40 shot rather than a 60 cl  . A 60 shot , takes me two gos to down . it feels just alittle bit too big . The interior I m really found of . looks classy all the way .

The crowd is really diverse . on this night , half of the club was wearing suits and the other half some sort of hipster handmedowns  . I personally find it strange , its just way too different , but i guess this is one of those things Sweden is famous for , freedom of self expression .

By 1 am the place is packed and pumping . Guests are drunk on their beers and wines , and dancing wildly to the house tunes . I must note , i never get tired of watching swedes partying . Let me explain why . On a regular work day , they are very quite and even shy , walking by themselves , iphone in hand , headset on them , staring down on the ground , not expressing themselves more than the absolute minimum . But as soon as they get couple beers in them , they change right away . They enjoy screaming , climbing on each other , and generally trying to attract as much attention upon themselves as they possibly can . ANd if not for the countries strict alcohol policies , i believe that they would be partying non stop , day in and day out . without control . But since alcohol and partying is expensive for Swedes , they enjoy a once or twice a month binge rather than everyday or every weekend lever killing drinking offense .

To summarize , I want to say that this club is not bad . It has a certain charm and style , and its always pumping on wednesdays , fridays , saturdays and some sundays . Some minuses are the entrance and wardrobe fees , no strict dress code , no theme parties , and needs more change , like new djs , bar staff perhaps change some things inside , make it more baroque and appealing . Special drink menus .

So out of 5 star on the global nightclub rating , i will give it a 3 star rating .

Out of 5 star on the Sweden nightclub rating , I will give it a stable 4+ star rating .

Its definitely worth going to when you re in Stockholm .


tel: 08-676 58 07