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So i made my way to Minsk on some business , for a 24hrs trip (2-3 march 2013). And since i came on saturday morning , i was planning to check out the nightscene in Belarussia . After some friends giving me tips and advices and consulting the internet , I found that the Best club in Minsk is DOZARI (www.dozari.by) . So to make matters work to my advantage i ve called there and ordered a table in advance .

I made my way to this place around 23.30 . It was located 10 min walk away from my hotel so that was very convenient  . I entered through the front door , which looked like an entrance to the bowling alley or something . As you go in through , you ll get into a courtyard of some sort .
61.jpg With a small car park , which wasnt that impressive , just couple BMW X6 , no bentleys or rolls , like you would see in MOscow . But nonetheless , it was a nice setting . Maybe they do parties out in the courtyard on the summer , that would be really cool !

81.jpgWe payed around 500.000 by rubles to get our table … A cute girl walked us up two stories to our table . The club right off seemed nice . And just beginning to fill up !!! We sat down and started ordering drinks …We picked up a bottle of Almeca tequila for 840.000 by rubles , and other drinks …The prices were very good for the most popular nightclub ….So we started looking around and having our drinks . After an hour or so , the club was full enough to start shaking on the dance floor . The dj was playing various dance music , from house to 90th disco classics . Overall the music was really enjoyable . The go gos came out , and occupied every guys attention . They were then replaces by male dancers as well . I ve noticed that people didnt drink as much as they would in Moscow clubs , they stuck to one or two cocktails through out the night . Not many guys going for the shots , very few on the beer options . We had the VIP table , so at one point , i ve noticed that we were more or less deserted , so i ve asked the waitress whats the deal …well , the deal was that if i wanted to bring anybody up to my table i had to pay extra for that . And that really sucked , i must say , it was around 500.000 per head , so obviously if you would invite 4 girls , that would set you back 2 mill . and that s without drinks and food … Not a good option . So we closed our tab on the table and went down to the dance floor …

9.jpgAfter that i dont remember that well , what happened…..

12.jpg Well , my opinion about the club is that it was really nice , the girls are overall very good looking , cute and nice …drinks are good , well priced ….entrance fee is stupid , DONT GET THE VIP table if you come to meet somebody …. BUT IF YOU ARE IN MINSK MAKE SURE TO VISIT THIS PLACE !!! its nice …

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